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Book Review: Murach's SQL Server 2005 For Developers
by Scott Waletzko | Published  03/11/2007 | SQL Server Book Reviews | Rating:
Walkthrough: Section 1

The first section in the book ("An introduction to SQL") begins with a quick overview of how relational databases work ("An introduction to client/server systems", "An introduction to the relational database model", "An introduction to SQL and SQL-based systems"). These pages describe the basics of the client / server database system architecture, the organizational structure of relational database tables, and even delves briefly into a history of SQL and comparisons ot SQL Server to other relational database systems.

Next, Transact-SQL is introduced, beginning with an overview of simple retrieval queries and multiple table joins, then on to addition, deletion, and update statements, and culminating in a brief overview of SQL coding guidelines. This is followed by an explanation of views, stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions (all covered in more detail later on in the book). Chapter 1 ends with a discussion of how to access an SQL Server database from a front-end application using ADO.NET, including sample code in both Visual Basic .NET and C#.

Section 1 ends with coverage of the SQL Server Management Studio, the application that provides interaction between developers / DBAs and the SQL Server 2005 database. Complete with many screenshots, this chapter covers how to manage databases and perform basic administration tasks, hwo to design tables, and how to execute queries.

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