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Book Review: Murach's SQL Server 2005 For Developers
by Scott Waletzko | Published  03/11/2007 | SQL Server Book Reviews | Rating:
Walkthrough: Section 2

Section 2 delves more deeply into the concepts outlined in the previous section, beginning with a comprehensive discussion of SELECT statements ("How to code the SELECT clause", "How to code the WHERE clause", and "How to code the ORDER BY clause"). Table joins are then explained and outlined in detail ("How to work with inner joins", "How to work with outer joins", "Other skills for working with joins", How to work with unions").

Summary queries (and aggregate functions) are covered next, detailing all of the different ways to collapse data using SQL statements. Subqueries are then discussed ("How to code subqueries in search conditions", "Other ways to use subqueries"), followed by a brief discussion of complex queries and common table expressions (CTE).

Chapter 7 deals with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements ("How to create new rows", "How to modify existing rows", "How to delete existing rows"), and chapter 8 rounds out the section by covering SQL data types and functions ("A review of the SQL data types", "How to convert data", "How to work with string data", "How to work with numeric data", "How to work with date / time data").

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