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Book Review: Murach's SQL Server 2005 For Developers
by Scott Waletzko | Published  03/11/2007 | SQL Server Book Reviews | Rating:
Walkthrough: Section 3

Section 3 covers database design and implementation; topics usually relegated to database administrators. The inclusion of these topics provides developers with a solid foundation for understanding the more complex aspects of relational databases, and the ability to design properly-formed databases in the absence of a DBA. The section begins by covering the abstract concepts that necessary to a database designer, including data structure design and normalization (and denormalization). These discussions of database design theory quite properly prepare the reader for the eventuality that they will have to design a relational database from scratch.

DDL (Data Definition Language) is also covered in this section, providing a foundation for building database components using SQL statements ("An introduction to DDL", "How to create database, tables, and indexes", "How to use contraints", "How to change databases and tables"). The same concepts are then covered using the visual interface of the Management Studio ("How to work with a database", "How to work with tables", "How to generate scripts"), which is the preferred method for most developers (and DBAs) in the real world.

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