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Charles Profitt
Charles Profitt currently works as both a developer and system administrator for a K-12 school district. His diverse experience includes working with Netware, Active Directory, SQL Server (2000 and 2005), IIS 6, Lotus Notes and Visual Studio.Net (2002, 2003, and 2005). His language of choice is C#. Charles has created several windows and web bases applications in since November of 2002.
Articles by this Author
» Murach's ASP.Net Upgrader's Guide - Review
Published 01/29/2006 | Book Reviews ASP.NET | Rating:

I recently received my copy of Visual Studio 2005. I have been waiting for months to put the new features to the test. To assist me in that process I chose Murach's ASP.Net Upgrader's Guide. I chose Murach's book due to my success with their other books. I prefer C# so I have chosen the C# edition.

[read article...]
» Business Mate: Using the Generic Database Class
Published 02/10/2005 | Data Programming ADO.NET Microsoft Access | Rating:

In the last segment I showed you how to make a generic database class which allows you to create a DataSet from any other part of your code. I also promised to eventually develop an application that would be useable. This is the next step in that process.

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» Business Mate: Generic Database Class
Published 02/08/2005 | Data Programming ADO.NET Microsoft Access | Rating:
The first item I want to cover is the generic database class. Beginners books show you how to make a DataConnection, DataAdapter and DataSet using the IDE.   Although that does work, I find it a poor way to do things. I prefer to understand a little more and excercise a little more control. [read article...]
» Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming
Published 11/15/2003 | Book Reviews | Rating:
Chas Profitt reviews Learn VB.NET Through Game Programming book by A! Press [read article...]
» Murach Beginning Visual Basic .NET and VB.NET Database Programming with ADO.NET
Published 07/16/2003 | Book Reviews | Rating:
Chas Profitt reviews two books by Murach - Beginning VB.NET and Database Programming with ADO.NET [read article...]
» A Beginner's Guide to VB.NET and Database Programming - The Recipe Application
Published 12/28/2002 | .NET Newbie | Rating:
I am a beginner. I wanted to share some experiences with other beginners. The next few articles that come from my keyboard will be about my experience with teaching myself to develop applications in VB.NET. [read article...]