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Arnaldo Sandoval
I began my run in the IT field back in 1975 while at the University getting my Industrial Engineer Bachelor Degree; using Wang Basic language and Burroughs 6700's FORTRAN and COBOL, working as a Teacher’s assistance for a fist full of dollars, since then I had worked in four different countries: Venezuela, USA, Mexico and Australia, the Business Basic Language the main skill expected from me; learning Unix, C, PASCAL, Uniplex, WordPerfect, 20/20 in the lates 80s, Sybase in the early 90s, Basis BBx in the 90s, Microsoft’s VBA in the mid 90s, Visual Basic version 3.0 around 1996; moved to Australia in the lates 90s, here I kept learning, Transoft’s Universal Business Language, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic .Net; working for a major Australian company in the building material market. I had worked for Computers Manufacturing companies (MAI Basic Four after reading the Wikepedia definition, it feels good being an active part of the industry), and high rollers companies (DOLE, Pepsico when they operated Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and PFS, Boral Limited), roaming the world while doing so, exposed to cutting edge technologies of their time, creating it when the opportunity required so. I currently look after an Oracle data warehouse, sourcing its data from four or five legacy applications, servicing Crystal Reports and Cognos Cubes, developed VB and Net solutions; I could claim the phrase “I had been there, done that” suits me like a globe, always addressing any challenge with an engineer mind, which is different to an IT mindset.
Articles by this Author
» Installer Class and Custom Actions
Published 10/15/2007 | Deployment | Rating:

When the time come to deploy our applications using the "Setup and Deployment Project" template in Visual Studio .Net, we get concerned about its power, the fact is that you can do a lot of things by implementing an "Installer Class" as part of the installation package's Custom Actions.

The "Installer Class" object enables your Application's installation package to do several things on the machine where your application is getting installed, the Installer Class is nothing more than a program that you integrate with the installation package.    As such it will have access to all the resources on the target machine.

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» Creating AutoRun Media to deploy your application.
Published 08/03/2007 | Deployment | Rating:

A challenge we all face after finalizing an application is its distribution.  There are so many options available to us nowadays.

 One of them is by burning a distribution media, which could either be a CD or DVD (perhaps, even a USB drive). Your aim should be that once the user inserts your distribution media the installation process starts automatically or greet the user with a professional looking web page.

This article will take your through the steps required to create your distribution media to autorun as soon as the user inserts it into the workstation drive.

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» Structured Exception Handling in .NET (ApplicationException)
Published 11/04/2006 | .NET Framework .NET Intermediate Windows Development | Rating:

Everyone tries to write error free applications, but we all know end users are smarter than us, finding ways to break our well protected applications.   Then we are given the answer "I don't know" when we ask the obvious question "What were you doing?", or "I can't find it" to our inquiry "Did you write down the error message?"

This article guides you through  the .Net Framework features at your disposal to handle applications' errors, also known as Exceptions.  Once you understand the concepts, the code supplied could be integrated into your existing or new applications, providing  comprehensive Exceptions support that will benefit your endusers and support team.

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