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Dennis Hurst
Dennis Hurst is a Developer Security Evangelist for SPI Dynamics where he works with development organizations evangelizing the need to integrate web application security into their Web development processes. A Microsoft Developer Security MVP, Dennis has more than 15 years experience in the Information Systems/Application Development industry, and he is an expert in computer applications and networks.
Articles by this Author
» Asking the Right Question: Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Analysis Tools, Which Is Best?
Published 02/27/2007 | Deployment Security Web Development | Rating:

Lately, many people have been asking what is more important: using vulnerability analysis tools to assess web-based applications or instead focusing on penetrating testing. The fact is that both are important and that a combination approach can prove to be more valuable. Learn more about how the web application security industry has evolved and what needs to be done to ensure the security of applications.

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