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Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton is a security evangelist for HP Software. Michael is responsible for educating audiences on the importance of integrating web application security best practices throughout the application development process and works closely with the HP Software Security Labs team. The co-author of Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery, Michael has his CISSP and CISA designations and is a member of ISACA.
Articles by this Author
» What You Need to Know about PCI Compliance and Web Application Security Policy Changes
Published 03/28/2008 | Security Web Development | Rating:
PCI compliance exists to protect consumers from credit fraud, and their data will be protected if rules are followed. If your business accepts credit cards, you are aware of changes to PCI compliance in June. Adherence to section 6.6 of the PCI compliance rules should have been met; if not, web application security must be integrated into existing applications. This mandate allows businesses to evaluate their security practices. [read article...]