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Ashish Jaiman

Ashish works as a Sr. Software Developer with Lexign Inc., an end-to-end trusted electronic transaction management software provider (

Ashish has 6 years of experience in designing and developing distributed systems, server technologies and web based software applications using Microsoft technologies, Java, XML and .NET. He holds MCSD (Microsoft Certified Software Developer) and SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) certifications.

Contact Ashish at or

Articles by this Author
» .NET Interoperability - Calling a .NET Component from a COM Component
Published 03/28/2002 | Upgrading Interop | Rating:
This article walks through the details of how to call Microsoft .NET servers from COM clients, helps you understand the concept of COM callable wrappers, create a .NET server that can be called from VB 6.0, use the sn, regasm, and gacutil utilities, write VB 6.0 code that uses a .NET class [read article...]
» .NET Interoperability - Calling COM Components from .NET
Published 03/23/2002 | Upgrading Interop | Rating:
In this article you'll learn the details of calling COM servers from .NET clients, understand the concept of Runtime-Callable Wrappers, use TLBIMP to create Assembly from COM component, reference COM component directly from VB.NET code [read article...]
» Event Handling in VB.NET
Published 03/16/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
This article discusses the event handling model in .NET using VB.NET [read article...]
» Prototype Pattern in C# and VB.NET
Published 03/06/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
The Prototype pattern is used when creating an instance of a class is very time-consuming or complex in some way. Then, rather than creating more instances, you make copies of the original instance, modifying them as appropriate. Prototype Design Pattern helps in reducing number of classes. [read article...]
» Sorting objects using IComparer and IComparable Interfaces
Published 03/04/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
The System.Collections namespace contains interfaces and classes that define various collections of objects, such as lists, queues, bit arrays, hashtables and dictionaries. You can use a collection to store objects, some collection implementations would sort your objects by default when they are added to the collection and some would just add them in sequence. [read article...]
» Builder Design Pattern Implementation in C# and VB.NET
Published 02/24/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
The Builder pattern allows a client object to construct a complex object by specifying only its type and content. The client is shielded from the details of the object’s construction [read article...]
» FileSystemInfo Class in C# and VB.NET for beginners
Published 02/18/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
An introduction to the new FileSystemInfo library in .NET and a sample to extend the class to add some methods. [read article...]
» Abstract Factory Design Pattern Implementation in C# and VB.NET
Published 02/11/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
Design patterns make it easier to reuse successful designs and architectures. Design patterns help you choose design alternatives that make a system reusable and avoid alternatives that compromise reusability. They help make a system independent of how its objects are created, composed, and represented. An abstract factory provides an interface for creating families of related objects without specifying their concrete classes. [read article...]