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» CodeSMART 2009 For .NET
by Ged Mead | Published 11/16/2008 |  | Rating:

   CodeSMART 2009 for .NET  is a developer tool that saves you time, helps you write better code and generally become more productive.

   Ged Mead reviews this latest version from AxTools.


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» SubMain CodeIt.Right 1.0
by Mike McIntyre | Published 03/10/2008 |  | Rating:

CodeIt.Right is a code analysis tool with a welcome twist - it can automatically fix the code issues it finds.

You can use CodeIt.Right in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to find AND automatically fix code issues in C# and Visual Basic code. Perform static code analysis with configurable rule sets to find code issues. Automatically fix code issues all at once, in groups, or one-at-a-time.

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» ANTS Profiler 2.0 Product Review
by Mike McIntyre | Published 01/28/2005 |  | Rating:

ANTS Profiler version 2.0, released November 2004, adds extremely easy to use memory profiling plus new ways to analyze profiling results – all for the same low price as the original ANTS Profiler version 1.0....

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by Mike McIntyre | Published 09/19/2003 |  | Rating:
.NET Expert Mike McIntyre recently put .netCHARTING 2.0 from Corporate Web Solutions through a thorough test. He summarizes his opinion by saying "As an experienced developer I found this product easy to use. It worked without any problems in my test application. It is now a strong member of my charting tools collection. I will use this tool first when I need to push the charting envelope in terms of chart appearance and data manipulation." Read more ... [read article...]
» ANTS Profiler
by Mike McIntyre | Published 07/25/2003 |  | Rating:
Without any prior experience it took me less than 15 minutes to find an ADO.NET code bottleneck in a Windows Application using ANTS Profiler. In that time I installed ANTS Profiler, used ANTS Profiler to run the application to gather a profile, and drilled down into the slowest procedures to locate the problem code. Read more ... [read article...]
» CodeSMART 2003 for VS.NET
by Ged Mead | Published 07/11/2003 |  | Rating:
Ged Mead (vbCity Leader XTab): "There are so many features that there isn't space to list them all. What I would say for sure is that there just has to be something in this package for everyone." [read article...]
» At the Speed Of .NET
by Serge Baranovsky | Published 09/20/2002 |  | Rating:
During VSLive! in Orlando, FL in September Microsoft invited some CodeWise Community members (,, and including devCity.NET's own Serge Baranovsky, and representatives from Microsoft vendor partner program (Crystal Decisions, Rational), to join them at the Richard Petty Driving Experience speedway. [read article...]