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Software Reviews

» VB Migration Partner VB6 to .NET Conversion Tool
by Jugoslav Arsovski | Published 01/04/2009 |  | Rating:

  I recently had a requirement to convert a VB6 project to VB 2008.    Although this initially caused me a lot of problems, I was fortunate to discover an outstanding product for converting VB6 projects to VB.NET which helped me get over some difficult hurdles.

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» Exception Hunter 1.0
by Mike McIntyre | Published 01/03/2008 |  | Rating:

To help developers write high-quality .NET code Red-Gate Software has released Exception Hunter. Exception Hunter is a compile-time tool that analyzes .NET code and identifies what unhandled exceptions the code can throw.

Preventing application exceptions that can be prevented and handling application exceptions that can not be prevented – are important aspects of a writing high-quality .NET code.

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» .netLIVEHELP Review
by John Spano | Published 09/06/2007 |  | Rating:
I have been looking at some live web chat programs lately and got the opportunity to review a very good one called .netLIVEHELP .  It’s priced per web site and not per operator and has a ton of features.  It can use Microsoft Access, which it does by default, or MS Sql Server, Oracle or MySql.  This allows you to scale well for larger enterprises or work cheaply for small ones. [read article...]
» SmartInspect 2.0
by John Spano | Published 08/08/2007 |  | Rating:

                Gurock Software has released version 2.0 of their SmartInspect product.  SmartInspect is a full logging utility for Dot Net.  I had the opportunity to review version 1.0 for DevCity.Net.  You can check out that review here.  In this review we’ll check out the new features that have been added to 2.0 and see what it offers.

                There are over one hundred new features in version 2 of SmartInspect.  I suggest you check out their what’s new page for a list of all of them.  I’m going to concentrate on several of the top ones, including the watches graph, memory and text protocols and the new view enhancements like markers and the new filters they added.


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» Shell MegaPack 8.0 Review
by John Spano | Published 12/10/2006 |  | Rating:

I took a look at some cool Dot Net controls this past week that help you create a full featured explorer clone and make working with some of the shell functions in Windows much easier.  Sky Software's Shell MegaPack 8 is much easier to use than trying to do it yourself with the Windows API.  They have made it as simple as some drop on components!

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» SmartInspect Review
by John Spano | Published 10/30/2006 |  | Rating:

I recently had the opportunity to check out a software package that does logging for several platforms, .NET, Delphi and Java.  The software is called SmartInspect and it’s by Gurock Software (  SmartInspect adds a very flexible methodology to carry out logging in your software.  Being a full time .NET programmer, I examined their API for logging in this platform only.

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» StimulReport Review
by John Spano | Published 08/29/2006 |  | Rating:

     I’ve been looking for a good 100% native Dot Net reporting tool for a while.Reports are key elements to most business software packages today, so finding a powerful and easy to use reporting package is a must.In reviewing packages, I was offered the chance to look at StimulReport by StimulSoft (’s a fully managed reporting package that works both in Windows Forms projects as well as the Web.

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» Product Review: ComponentOne's DocToHelp
by Scott Waletzko | Published 07/14/2006 |  | Rating:
A review of ComponentOne's DocToHelp help file authoring and conversion software, written by Scott Waletzko. [read article...]
» CodeSMART G2 for Visual Studio: A product Review
by Phil Eakins | Published 05/06/2006 |  | Rating:

Always being interested in products which promise to take some of the the drudgery out of software production, Phil Eakins investigated the features of Axtool's CodeSMART version G2 for Visual Studio, which promised nine sets of tools and commands to make life easier.


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» ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2006
by Ged Mead | Published 03/09/2006 |  | Rating:

  The ComponentOne team have been producing good quality components for several years, covering the needs of developers in both Classic VB  and .NET.       The latest edition of their comprehensive components package is Studio Enterprise 2006 v1, now been updated for the 2005 version of .NET


  Ged Mead took a tour of the overall package and trial tested some of the components in detail

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» Review of VBChart
by Ben Spencer | Published 01/18/2006 |  | Rating:


   In my many years of software development, one comment I have often heard from my clients’ upper management is “I don’t want to see details.  Show me a picture”.  A well designed chart or graph can provide management with a clearer picture of the company’s status than any number of reports.   The VBChart Graphing Tool For .NET  can provide that picture from existing data with surprising ease.  


   During the review process I was able to produce a number of aesthetically pleasing charts and graphs with minimal coding.  It’s hard to imagine a product that would be easier to use. For this review, I used a Windows Forms application in VB.NET.  Additionally, the product supports ASP.NET for Web applications

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» Product Review: SoftArtisans OfficeWriter 3.0 Enterprise Edition
by Anand Narayanaswamy | Published 08/22/2005 |  | Rating:
OfficeWriter enables you to develop high performance ASP.NET reporting applications on the fly. Anand explores this great product in detail. [read article...]
» Product Review: Report Sharp-Shooter
by Anand Narayanaswamy | Published 05/03/2005 |  | Rating:
Create stylish reports with Report Sharp-Shooter [read article...]
» Navigator by PureComponents
by Edward Moth | Published 12/05/2003 |  | Rating:
Navigator is an extremely flexible, highly customizable and powerful WinForms component giving you the potential to provide user-friendly, hierarchical, stylish navigation in your projects... [read article...]
» WebGrid .NET Enterprise
by Guest Author | Published 10/15/2003 |  | Rating:
Grids are very essential for every web application. They enable you to display data in a consistent way. This review focuses on one such useful and powerful component - WebGrid .NET Enterprise Edition... [read article...]
» XHEO|Licensing
by John Spano | Published 09/26/2003 |  | Rating:
Every once and a while one comes across a great product that does some needed function very well. XHEO|Licensing is one such. It is a comprehensive set of tools that does program licensing, and it does it very well... [read article...]
by Mike McIntyre | Published 09/19/2003 |  | Rating:
.NET Expert Mike McIntyre recently put .netCHARTING 2.0 from Corporate Web Solutions through a thorough test. He summarizes his opinion by saying "As an experienced developer I found this product easy to use. It worked without any problems in my test application. It is now a strong member of my charting tools collection. I will use this tool first when I need to push the charting envelope in terms of chart appearance and data manipulation." Read more ... [read article...]
» COM Express 2 by Shoutsoft
by Mark Dryden | Published 09/16/2003 |  | Rating:
VBCity's Leader Drydo took COM Express 2 out for a test drive - and was apparently impressed with the results. Here's his summary... [read article...]
» Visual Welder by sembleWare
by John Spano | Published 09/12/2003 |  | Rating:
John Spano reviews a new paradigm in development, new way to develop ASP.NET web sites from concept to full design and coding. [read article...]
» ANTS Profiler
by Mike McIntyre | Published 07/25/2003 |  | Rating:
Without any prior experience it took me less than 15 minutes to find an ADO.NET code bottleneck in a Windows Application using ANTS Profiler. In that time I installed ANTS Profiler, used ANTS Profiler to run the application to gather a profile, and drilled down into the slowest procedures to locate the problem code. Read more ... [read article...]
» CodeSMART 2003 for VS.NET
by Ged Mead | Published 07/11/2003 |  | Rating:
Ged Mead (vbCity Leader XTab): "There are so many features that there isn't space to list them all. What I would say for sure is that there just has to be something in this package for everyone." [read article...]
» Total .NET SourceBook
by Ged Mead | Published 06/10/2003 |  | Rating:
Total .NET SourceBook from FMS Software is a code library which works both as a standalone library (accessible from the Start Menu) or as a Visual Studio Add-In (accessed from the VS Tools menu or as a dockable window in the IDE). Reade more… [read article...]
by Mike McIntyre | Published 05/20/2003 |  | Rating:
ORM.NET is an Object Relational mapping tool specifically designed for .NET developers. ORM.NET handles the translation of your data objects to and from a normalized SQL database. It does this by creating a data access layer (DAL) from your SQL database schema. The DAL becomes the bridge between your .NET data objects and the database. Read more ... [read article...]
» CodeBox for .NET
by Ged Mead | Published 05/11/2003 |  | Rating:
Ged Mead (XTab on vbCity) reviews CodeBox for .NET - new product by Marco Bellinaso and Francesco Balena [read article...]
» WebZinc.NET
by John Spano | Published 01/23/2003 |  | Rating:
Review of WebZinc.NET - the only component you'll ever need when working with the Internet that allows you extract website data, search the Web, fill out forms automatically. [read article...]