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» Creating a ComboBox with Individual ToolTips for each Item
by Ged Mead | Published 02/24/2010 |  | Rating:

In this article, Ged Mead demonstrates an easy way to use WPF and Windows Forms Interop to create and use a ComboBox that displays ToolTips for individual ComboBox items.

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» WinForms and WPF Interop - The Best of Both Worlds
by Ged Mead | Published 07/12/2008 |  | Rating:

  Whenever I see a question along the lines of "How can I include an image alongside each item in a list of items or use more than one font, or varying background colors?" I usually find myself muttering "WPF!".    This is a lot more sociable and positive than many of the things I mutter as I sit here each day, but finally I've realised that I need to do something about it.

  The result is this article, which works through the steps needed to harness the rich UI features of WPF to the more familiar paradigm of Windows Forms.

   The example used will show you how easy it can be to use a WPF control in a Windows Forms application and you can use this article as the stepping stone to creating your own.  The ListBox layout shown below will be created in WPF and ported over to be used in a Windows Forms application.  

WPF ListBox Control Example [read article...]
» How to Retrieve EMC Centera Cluster/Pool Capabilities
by Adel Eddin | Published 01/08/2008 |  | Rating:


This article is part of a series of articles that I am writing to illustrate the use of EMC Centera SDK and the .NET wrapper being developed as open source project to store “fixed content” on the EMC Centera storage appliance.

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» 50 Ways to Kill Excel
by Scott Rutherford | Published 06/14/2006 |  | Rating:
For anyone using Excel automation in .NET or ASP.NET applications, you'll find several answers to the age old question haunting many newsgroups, blogs and forums:  "How do I kill Excel?".  After outlining how to configure and start an Office app within your .NET desktop or ASP.NET application, this article shows you how to properly dismantle and close the specific instance of Excel that you had started.  For the interested student this article will explore several important Windows concepts that apply well beyond the usage of Excel:  including COM interop/config./management, the .NET Process class, and how to use “PInvoke” to call Windows API methods not implemented in the .NET Frameworks. [read article...]
» Achieving Backward Compatibility with .NET Interop: Excel as Case Study
by Scott Rutherford | Published 07/23/2005 |  | Rating:
There is one way to make explicit reference to a particular version of an ActiveX COM component for .NET Interop. The example used here is to make automation of Microsoft Excel backward compatible. Visual Studio will not allow you to reference older versions if Excel 2003 is already installed on your machine--so your program will not work once deployed to other machines that may have prior versions. This article includes a method for building your own Interop DLL for deployment using a command line tool from the .NET SDK. [read article...]
» Using C# to Create Distribution Lists
by Muthukumar V | Published 05/10/2005 |  | Rating:

   This article sets out to explain how to access the exchange domain and create a distribution list  programmatically using C# and Active Directory .    A sample program is used which combines  both CDO and ADSI for creating distribution list with C#. This can easily be extended to creating mailboxes also.

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» Adding Spelling and Grammar Checking Functions into VB.NET Applications
by David Wasserman | Published 05/24/2003 |  | Rating:
Many applications can be enhanced by including spelling and grammar checking capabilities. Users will greatly appreciate these features and in addition, applications will appear more professional as they mimic popular programs like MS Word. This article will demonstrate how to add these functions to a Visual Basic.NET Windows Form project [read article...]
» Expose MSN Messenger Events Using C#
by James Jenkins | Published 07/24/2002 |  | Rating:
Tutorial on how to use the MSN Messenger API in C#. This includes a fix for exposing the events of Messenger so that developers can have full function of the API as in COM based development environments. The article keeps it quite simple and shows how a developer could receive email alerts and chat session text. [read article...]
» .NET Interoperability - Calling a .NET Component from a COM Component
by Ashish Jaiman | Published 03/28/2002 |  | Rating:
This article walks through the details of how to call Microsoft .NET servers from COM clients, helps you understand the concept of COM callable wrappers, create a .NET server that can be called from VB 6.0, use the sn, regasm, and gacutil utilities, write VB 6.0 code that uses a .NET class [read article...]
» .NET Interoperability - Calling COM Components from .NET
by Ashish Jaiman | Published 03/23/2002 |  | Rating:
In this article you'll learn the details of calling COM servers from .NET clients, understand the concept of Runtime-Callable Wrappers, use TLBIMP to create Assembly from COM component, reference COM component directly from VB.NET code [read article...]